Friday, April 15, 2011

BUYERS: Some things to consider..Part 1

Expenses to factor into a home-buying decision.
-Utilities: Heat, electricity, sewer and water , telephone, cable, Internet and of course cell phones. Possibly Trash and Recycling as well.
-Food/entertainment: Dining in and out, movies, hobbies.
-Children: Day care, tuition, lunch money, supplies, clothing, sports gear.
-Health costs: Eyeglasses, medicine, unforeseen .
-Debt: Credit cards, Student loans and car loans.
-Maintenance/repairs/furnishing: Extra beds or cabinets.Appliances, landscaping, snow removal.
-Job expenses: Transportation (the commute), auto maintenance.

In this post let's take Utilities first.

  Always do some research with the current owners. They are generally more than willing to pull up some numbers for a prospective buyer as to what they pay for various utilities and whether or not they need to pay for trash recycling, etc.
Each person and family has certain tastes and requirements as far as media expenses go. Believe it or not there are still some out there who don't own a cell phone computer or TV. Looking at my bills recently while doing my year end taxes showed some interesting totals. The "thousands" of dollars I spend on internet, cable, and a rarely used home phone made me think, "How about that vacation?"

Make sure you figure these dollars into your expenses with a little wiggle room. And shop around too. There are lots of deals out there for new subscribers. There are small adjustments that you can make but generally you will know the ballpark figure after a few minutes with the current owners expenses and your own preferences.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skippack, PA Real Estate ~ April 2011

The Skippack Township Market and Area View.

Our market, that is the Skippack area, has some distinct features that are mostly taken for granted. Through the next few months I will explore some of the more prevelent features of the area.
This will in turn help you the consumer know a little more about what this area offers its residence and also give outsiders an inside look at what Skippack is all about.

Though Skippack may be known for its distinct shops and great restaurants, there are a few things overlooked. Lets take for example the amazing Evansburg State Park.
This very accessable park boasts fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, picnicing and biking just to name a few. With 6 miles of trails available to the public there seems to be no shortage of activities. This also acts as a nice buffer from the growing Philadelphia suburbs giving the area a slower, quieter feel.
So a nice and marketable aspect to the area is Evansburg SP.
Make sure you get a chance to get out there this spring/summer and take advantage of a great Skippack feature!
For information on the park and all it offers please see sources below.

YTD Numbers

While the year has just started. The numbers were just released for March. Details for the YTD are as follows. 
For more indepth information feel free to contact me.
While we are seeing a wild ride as far as the market goes, Skippack Single Family (SF) home sales have totaled 19 so far. Condo sales are at 2.
The total properties on the market as of the end of March are at 94. The total condos are at 3.

A look at last years numbers.
Last YTD in March had us at 18 SF sales and 0 Condo sales.

Just remember the first time home buyers of last year. If we are matching that in any way it shows some positive movement in our area market.

Nicholas Scogna is a Pennsylvania registered Real Estate agent and a member of the NAR, PAR, MCAR.
For agent referrals or for information about buying or selling a home feel fre to contact him. (484)269-0406

This article is intended for informational purposes only.

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